About Me

Hello, my name is Jez Frith and I run the Animal Behaviour Clinic. My aim is to help owners to understand why their dog demonstrates a given behaviour, how it has developed then explaining, in detail, and demonstrating an appropriate, positively reinforced, training routine to develop a desired outcome.

I have worked with owners and their dogs for the past 18 years, since graduating from university having studied Animal Behaviour. In this time I have developed great working relationships with a number of vets, throughout Cheshire, who refer their clients to me so I can assist owners deal with any presenting behavioural concern.

When I first started I only worked with clients dealing with their dog’s behavioural issues, but I soon noticed I was regularly dealing with similar issues that were often contributed to a lack puppy socialization and basic training. This was when in consultation with a number of vet practices that we developed a puppy socialization class – these are one off session that inform owners of the importance of puppy socialisation, the do and don’ts and how to deal with issues should they arise.

I gain huge amount of satisfaction assisting owners develop a strong relationship with their dog and watching their confidence grow as they develop a well mannered, responsive dog to be proud of.

I have helped clients learn and deal with various issues their dogs have demonstrated including:

  •  Phobias and nervous responses
  • Aggression (various forms)
  • Noise issues
  • Possessive behaviours
  • Livestock chasing
  • Recall Issues

Working with clients to develop a dog they can be proud of is the aim of my business, whether its through behaviour modification work, puppy training or general obedience.

I am always happy to chat about any behavioural issue or training requirements you may have.