Puppy Training

puppyI firmly believe a range of common behavioural issues would be avoided if owners understood more about their pup, socialisation and general obedience at a younger age. To support new owners I run puppy socialisation consults and classes at local veterinary centres to help new owners and their dogs.

One to One Puppy consultations are carried out in the owners own home with all family members present, the puppy consults are aimed to prevent common behaviour problems developing by educating the family about your dog.

The consultation will cover

• Teaching your dog it’s a dog
• Socialisation the do’s and don’ts
• House training
• How to prevent/deal with Biting/mouthing and chewing
• Handling/grooming
• Manners e.g. jumping up
• Obedience e.g. sit, down, stay, heel work and recall
• Any other problems you are having

Owning a puppy is a great experience, but even for an experienced dog owner a new puppy can be quite a shock! and often quite a challenge. These consultations are for both new and experienced owners and are tailored to suit your individual requirements, environments and breed of dog.